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to make experiment simulations.

AI Software to Predict & Design Experiments.
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"No more 700 hours per year doing manual experiment data analysis.
It took just one spreadsheet dataset and 4 hours to discover a new nanomaterial."
- Senior Scientist, Uppsala University, Sweden.

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Predict Bench Experiments,
before making them.
Upload a dataset in spreadsheet format,
and get prediction results in 4 hours.

The AI Software is able to predict properties of new compound-candidates and predicting which candidate has higher accuracy scores.
Exclusive Neuroevolution-AI Technology
1) Works for small data, for example in novel diseases.
2) We can evaluate billions of AI models at the same time.
3) You don’t need to retrain a whole AI every time a new data is added.
4) The bench scientist understands why the AI makes every single prediction.
Transparent AI Black-Box
Our software runs 10,000 simulations based on the input data provided by the scientist. From simple text data, we manage to predict molecular-level properties.

We opened the AI black box, into a transparent interface. Which the scientist uses, to understand why the AI makes every single prediction.
Reducing Research Time from 700 hours to 4 hours
Today, a scientist spends 700 hours/year doing manual experiment data analaysis.

With AnalysisMode, these scientists can use past experiment data, usually stored as spreadsheet datasets. We train an AI based on this data, in order to predict/design new experiments.

AnalysisMode's customers yields 5x more discovery publications, while saving €56000/yr in R&D costs.